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Sam Hutchins - The Mole

Monday, 22 July 2013 by Stuart McNabb

The Mole Australia contestant Sam Hutchins talks about playing a game of deceit and deception as a Christian. He talks about how his faith plays a role in the competition and shares some of his tactics. He also talks about struggling to lie during the game.

The game involves a team of people working together in various challenges to gain 'the loot', but a saboteur is placed amongst their number, and it is up to the team the discover which of them is 'The Mole'.

Sam Hutchins unexpectedly found himself to be one of the contestants, and just so happens to be an Open House listener who is open about his faith. Sam didn't think about the public implications of being on a game show, and describes the experience of guarding his tongue with cameras watching 24/7. The Mole contains a mix of religions and backgrounds, and Sam has dealt with questions by keeping his answers simple yet fulfilling; he believes that God has placed him within the game for a reason, one of them being the conversations had with other contestants behind the scenes.