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Ken and Lucy

Kick start your mornings 6-9am weekdays with Melbourne's greatest breakky duo - Ken and Lucy. They'll have you in fits of laughter on your way to work or the school drop off. The fun begins at 6am! Missed your daily dose of Ken and Lucy? Don't worry you can catch up on with the Late Late Breakfast Show 7pm weeknights AND again with The Best of Ken and Lucy, 10-12pm every Saturday. You can also like Ken and Lucy on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

Are you smarter than a breakky host?

Ken and Lucy want to know... Are You Smarter than a Breakky Host?

To celebrate the kiddies going back to school this week - Ken and Lucy are giving you the chance to WIN! All you need to do is answer Ken and Lucy's "test" questions correctly and you could win some awesome prizes to help you kick start your school year. 

So...are you smarter than a breakky host? If you think you have the answers, tune in all week long to WIN! 


2013 in Review!

Ken and Lucy have had a big 2013... and they made a SPECIAL END OF YEAR SONG to look back on the year past!

Trips to Kenya, Brilliant Mate... a great year of morning madness and crazy entertainment!!

Politically Correct Christmas Songs!

The festive season without 'Christmas'?

In response to a British MP removing the word 'Christmas' from her 'Happy Holidays' greeting cards, Ken and Lucy imagine what Christmas carols would sound like if they were 'politically correct'...

...just don't say the C(hristmas) word!

Daily Wrap Up - 24th December

On today's Daily Wrap Up...

Ken, Lucy and Clayton revel in the spirit of Christmas by enacting a vigorous Christmas play... including swordfights, toes, drama and dangerous cobblers!!

Listen below to hear the thrilling festive tale of the pirate, the old woman and the young drummer boy!

Daily Wrap Up 23rd December

We just want to say a HUGE congratulations to Ken and Lucy Producer, Gianna on getting engaged over the weekend. What an awesome Christmas gift and what a GREAT way to kick off 2014!

All the best - huuuuuuuge family cuddles from your LightFM family!

Daily Wrap Up - 20th December

On today's Daily Wrap Up...

We hear a different side of the original Hi-5...Ken lets us in on a little secret...they weren't as lively backstage as they were on stage! Also, Lucy tells the hilarious story of a Hi-5 member trying to hit on her whilst she had her wedding ring on - oops!

Daily Wrap Up - 19th December

On today's Daily Wrap Up...

They're making a new Gilligan's Island movie!! Who else is excited? 

Two hours into the show, Marissa messages in asking if she's missed much which sends Ken and Lucy into a rant - make sure you tune into the show everyday (and that goes for everyone)!

Anthony Callea

Special guest Anthony Callea joined Ken and Lucy this morning to talk about the exciting things he has happening for him, including his brand new Christmas album, This is Christmas, and his upcoming performance at Vision Australia's Carols by Candlelight.

Lucy and Anthony chat about a cheeky little competition they played last year on stage at the carols...what is it and do they plan to do it again??
Picture credit: Pinterest.com

Nelson Mandela Replaced by Morgan Freeman

An Indian owner of a billboard was left red-faced after a photo of Morgan Freeman was used instead of Nelson Mandela...uh ohh, how embarrassing!! 

Linda's Christmas Wish

This morning on Ken and Lucy, Julie nominated a fellow primary school teacher, Linda, for LightFM's Christmas Wish. 

Over the years, Linda has lost her husband and teenage son in separate plane and car accidents, and recently lost her beloved dog. Julie believes Linda deserves a Christmas wish because she's such a beautiful, compassionate and resilient person.