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Farewell Afternoon Naps

Are you a fan of your afternoon siesta? Well we've got some bad news for you...

A study says that sleeping during the day can result in obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes...YIKES!!

Daily Wrap Up - 23rd January

On today's daily wrap up, we learn exactly how classy Lucy really is- that is, so classy she can't even say 'bogan', instead pronouncing it as 'boogan'. Oh, yes, quite. Splendid. Spiffing.

Meanwhile, we learn the true name for New Zealand bogans- Ken was unimpressed- and a new weight loss pill that fills your stomach with a balloon is really...taking off.


Olympic Toilet Trouble

The world's coolest event is just round the corner, with the Winter Olympics set to take off in Russia during the month of February.

However, everything is not as it seems. A photo has surfaced that shows that the toilet facilities have been...poorly laid out. As in, right next to each other, with no walls.

How will athletes cope? Probably by using the toilet line-up to their advantage... 

Daily Wrap Up - 22nd January

On today's Daily Wrap Up...IT'S CAT MANIA!

Ken shares the story of his beloved cat Cuddles disappearing after a big move to Queensland, and Ken and Lucy discuss the extensive journeys some cats take to return to their preferred homes.

Then Ken taps into his cat whisperer side and shares some tips on how to make your cat a more friendly animal. "You've got to be the pack leader, with your cat, come on!" Ken yells!

Nuclear Blast Survival Tips

Survival tips 101: In case of a nuclear explosion, RUUUNNN!
According to researchers, it's better to run from a nuclear blast than to take shelter in a building...hmm...that's probably because there will be no buildings left standing within 100 miles of a nuclear blast...duh! 
So in case of a nuclear blast, get your best kicks on and pull a Usain Bolt, run for your life!

Rosetta the Comet Probe

Ken and Lucy have some exciting Space News for us...the comet-chasing probe, Rosetta, has woken up from a  31-month hibernation and is operational!!
Unlike previous comet probes, Rosetta is designed to orbit the comet for more than a year of close up studies. After awakening from hibernation, Rosetta has sent its first signal from deep space!
So what does the billion dollar probe say to shock the world??

China's Sunset Billboard

It might have been a beautiful sunrise here this morning with Ken and Lucy, but when stuck in China's air polution, how would you know?? Ken and Lucy sift through the smog to reveal how China is answering this unsightful problem!

Pizza Selfie Wedding

What do you do to make your special day memorable? 
After hearing about a newlywed couple in the UK that surprised their guests with huge 'selfie' pizzas, Ken and Lucy wonder just how their wedding day would have been planned and celebrated...

Daily Wrap Up - 21st January

On today's Daily Wrap Up...

Ken and Lucy get to the bottom of one listener's potential fear of Spongebob!

Lucy shares her public restroom exit strategy!

Surprise, Surprise! Find out why Canada's postal service hasn't received any letters of complaint recently!

Ken and Lucy’s Primo Perfecto Pizza Birthday Party

Got a birthday? GREAT! This is the competition for you.

Our friends at Pepperoni's are giving you the chance to celebrate your birthday one of their amazing restaurants with a $50 voucher!!! 

So gather your friends and family, send out the invites and prepare for a great night out celebratiing YOU!

All you need to do to WIN is...