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in Conversation with Clayton

Is there an issue, news piece or story that has caught your attention? No matter where you are, grab yourself a cuppa and tune into in Conversation with Clayton, at the NEW time of 6.30pm-8pm every Sunday. 

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Ken Wytsma and Eugene Cho - The Justice Conference

What if Christians truly lived out the message of Jesus and transformed their communities through their love and the practice of authentic justice?

The Justice Conference asks that very question, educating, inspiring and connecting thousands as they share their concern for the vulnerable and oppressed.

Tune in as Clayton chats with two of the key speakers, Ken Wytsma and Eugene Cho about the journey of faith and justice.

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Director Jeremy Beasley

Jeremy Beasley is the director of Small is Beautiful - A Tiny House Documentary, which explores the tiny house movement that has grown out of the USA and is taking the world by storm.

With a focus on smaller spaces and simplified living, the movement is a sustainable response to the housing affordability crisis.

Tune in to hear all about this remarkable crowdfunded film.

Australian author James Fry

James Fry was a happy-go-lucky boy with the world ahead of him.

After being subjected to years of relentless bullying, he became addicted to drugs and alcohol as a form of escapism.

Tune in as he tells Clayton how he turned his life around and about his new memoir "That Fry Boy", which serves as both a cautionary and educative tale of the horrific impact that bullying can have on a young developing mind.

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Sheridan Tate - No Apologies

No Apologies is a sexual health curriculum that brings a fresh message of hope to a generation who are seeing an increasing rate of teen pregnancy, abortion, single parent households and divorce.

Sheridan Tate is just one of the many facilitators of this informative course.

Tune in as she delves into how it helps adolescents identify the harmful effects associated with premarital sexual activity.

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Mal Leyland

Long before Steve Irwin, the Bush Tucker Man and even before David Attenborough was famous in Australia, there were the Leyland Brothers.

Mike Leyland passed away in 2009 and his brother Mal has only just started speaking publicly about why he and Mike went their separate ways.

Tune in as Mal talks about how the brothers went bankrupt, his battle with cancer and his new memoir "Still Travelling".

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Jess Gilchrist from Chocoholic Tours

Chocoholic Suzie Wharton conducted the first official Chocoholics Tour in Melbourne in 1995.

Due to health concerns she is no longer able to take part, and it is now up her niece Jess (otherwise known as Suzie's chocolate daughter) to continue the legacy.

Tune in as the dynamic Jess discusses her passion for the cocoa plant and shares her incredible knowledge about all things chocolate!

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19-year-old stroke survivor Emma Gaffy

Emma Gaffy had a stroke at just 19 years of age.

As she recovered, she felt the need to hide her disability because she didn't want to be defined by her condition but by her business and work in fashion.

Tune in as she tells Clayton how she went from being told she’d never talk again to now helping those living with disability.

"The Cat's Out Of The Bag"

Author Max Cryer sheds light on all things feline

Max Cryer is a well-known writer, broadcaster and entertainer, but has spent time as a schoolteacher, a television host and a worldwide stage performer as well!

In his new book The Cat’s Out of the Bag, Max Cryer sheds light on all things feline, from their physical make-up to their unique habits and behaviours.

Tune in as he also discusses with Clayton their place in history and the roles they have played in films, cartoons and literature.

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Dr Munjed Al Muderis

Imagine hiding out in a toilet for five hours after directly disobeying an order from Saddam Hussein.

That's what Dr Munjed Al Muderis did before fleeing Iraq and making the dangerous journey to Australia as a refugee in search of a better life.

Tune in as he tells Clayton his incredible story and about his work as a pioneer surgeon in Sydney.


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Ken Duncan on what to do with holiday photos

Ken Duncan is one of Australia's most acclaimed landscape photographers, gaining recognition for his amazing work with panoramic landscapes.

He tells Clayton all about his new book "Chase The Light", in which he shares advice on how you can use photography to tell the stories of your life’s journey.  

Tune in as he also talks about getting carried away with digital cameras and how to store all your beloved snaps!