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A Politician, an Author and an Olympian!

This week:

With an election campaign underway, we hear from a man who holds one of the most marginal seats in Australia and ask the question "How do you cope with the pressure of potentially losing your job so publicly?"

And Clayton is excited to chat to the most influential writer in his life, Adrian Plass uses humour, tears and a cutting witt to equally encourage and chasten the church 

Finally, with her vibrant personality & positive attitude Elka Whalan (nee Graham) has enjoyed a successful media career after representing Australia as a dual Olympian in the pool and multiple medalist.

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Mother and Daughter reunited after 49 years, plus Chaplain of Manchester United

This week a daughter reunites with her birth mother 49 years after being given up for adoption… Clayton chats to BOTH mother Robin and daughter Susannah about this heart rendering and heart endearing story.

Plus what’s it like being chaplain to the most famous sporting club in the world, Manchester United… John Boyers will tell us… 

"David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt, I knew them when they were nobodys."

Clayton with Mark Vincent and Marina Prior

Two incredible singers join forces

Two incredible singers join forces, one, a household name and the other, a winner of Australia's Got Talent. 

Also, the man who defied the Australian Government and opened up his church as an official place of sanctuary for those seeking asylum in Australia, and stopping them being sent back home.

Battling Through Adversity

This week, battling through adversity....Ruth Clare talks about how to live with a father who has post traumatic stress.

Clayton also chats to director Mike Hill about how a movie can get rid of a disease.

And Debra Jopson gives us a unique personal account on living through civil war.

Finally, Tony Milne talks about influencing the Federal Treasurer, Scott Morrison, ahead of the budget, about releasing more foreign aid to help those who need it most around our world. 

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Christie Buckingham, spiritual advisor to Myuran Sukumaran & Andrew Chan

On the first anniversary of the executions of Myuran Sukumaran & Andrew Chan, Clayton has a special interview with Christie Buckingham, their spiritual advisor who was with them in their last moments... "I made a vow to the boys, that wherever possible I would stand against the death penalty." 

Also, Wes Carr....from Australian Idol to musical theatre, to him it's always about the music.


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Aly Walsh on how to talk to kids when someone passes away & Cameron Daddo

This week we discuss how to talk to kids when someone passes away with Aly Walsh.

Also, whether he's appearing on TV or film, staring on the stage or singing up a storm, Cameron Daddo can do it all....

"It's very important to be grateful for every experience that I have".... down to earth and family focused, you'll find his story inspiring. 

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Looking back at two great comedians, Michael Vietsch & Brian Nankervis

 Michael Vietsch, author, presenter and comedian, speaks on his passion for World War II aircraft, airmen and his latest book "Heroes of the Skies"

"I stumble, I stagger, I stammer" the famous words of the irrepresible Brian Nankervis, performance poet and creator of TV show RocKwiz. 

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Melbourne Comedy Festival, the punster, the punslinger, the one line joker...Tim Vine

This week, lawyer, Vicki Salkin chats about what we can do to help those facing persecution in the Middle East.

Also from the Melbourne Comedy Festival, the punster, the punslinger, the one line joker, Tim Vine....

"This farmer came up to me and said 'I've got 68 sheep can you round 'em up for me?' and I said 'Sure...70'"

We'll talk comedy and being a comedian with a Christian faith. 

Easter Sunday, the essence of Easter...stories of redemption

This Easter Sunday, Clayton talks about the essence of Easter - stories of redemption.

Archie Boyle went from being what many thought was a lost cause as an alcoholic, to now decades of work helping people recover from their addictions!

Also, a man trying to do what many say is impossible...getting two opposing groups talking together...

"Hi I'm David Verboom, I'm the National Director of World Vision in Israel Palestine."

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Stephanie Rice, her life changed after winning 3 Olympic gold medals

This week, Stephanie Rice, she has a passion for the health and wellbeing of others and everything changed for her after winning 3 Olympic gold medals….

“My coach always said that to me, he said “you know winning a gold medal at the Olympics, your life will be changed forever”, and I went….ah yeah, like I get it, but I didn’t really get it, and now I do.”

Also the man who help start the world wide phenomenon that is Alpha, Bishop Sandy Millar.