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in Conversation with Clayton

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Shane Clifton - Speaker at Luke 14 Conference

Father of three Shane Clifton, editor of The Australasian Pentecostal Studies Journal and guest speaker at CBM's Luke 14 Conference, suffered a serious accident that left him a quadriplegic. 

Listen in to hear about Clifton's experience on in Conversation with Clayton and find out more about Luke14; an initiative that equips churches to be places of welcome and belonging for people and families living with disability.

John Caldwell - Australian of the Year for Victoria 2014

Australian of the Year for Victoria 2014 and anti-bullying advocate, John Caldwell joined in Conversation with Clayton to share the incredible journey he experienced after a difficult and horrific childhood. In order to overcome his troubled past, John set out to prove himself. By 21, he owned two fast food franchises, won the Franchise Store of the Year award and was globally recognised as a Top Franchisee.

Through all of his successes however, he had kept a pressing secret.

Jeanie Walker welcomes asylum seekers with open arms

For most people, opening your family home to newly arrived asylum seekers would be a daunting prospect, but for Jeanie Walker, a South Australian woman, it has become a way of life.

Jeanie shares with Clayton the factors that helped her decide to open up her home, and some of the struggles she’s faced along the way.

Best-selling author Max Cryer

Author Max Cryer joins in Conversation with Clayton to discuss his brand new book "Is it True? The facts behind the things we have been told."

Max shares his movitations in pursuing the truth about urban myth, and tells Clayton that as much as he loves those people who like to share weird and wonderful facts, he always wants to know the truth and to have his facts straight. 

Fairtrade Supporter of the Year - Bek McClellan

Fairtrade Supporter of the Year, Bek McClellan joined Clayton Bjelan to share all about her passion for the Fairtrade industry and the life-changing trip that she took as part of the prize for winning her award.

Bek’s passion for the Fairtrade industry began after a friend told her about how slave labour is still being used in order to produce cocoa beans.

A Remarkable 77 Year Old - Noel Braun

Author of "The Day Was Made for Walking" Noel Braun joined in Conversation with Clayton to talk about the remarkable journey he took across the Camino, an ancient pilgrimage route that leads across France and Spain to Santiago de Composstela.

Since the suicide of Maris, his beloved wife of forty-two years, Noel struggled to find himself and decided walking the Camino would help him process his feelings of grief and loss. At seventy-seven years of age, Noel completed the 1500km walk and cited that it was the silence and solitude during the walk that helped him through.

Kristy Moore - Global Traveller

Today on in Conversation, Clayton spoke to Kristy Moore, a woman who has travelled all around the world to 60 different countries and volunteered in many of them. 

Feeling like she was living a double life, Kristy was working in the corporate business world by day, and in her spare time, volunteering locally.
She decided to bring more volunteering into her life, breaking free of the business world and using all the skills she had acquired through her professional career to contribute to a greater good.

Comedian Russell Gilbert

Clayton was joined by comedian Russell Gilbert on today's show to talk about Russell's journey to becoming the person he is today. 

Clare Carlisle Stranger - Nanny of the Year

If your mind automatically thinks “Mary Poppins” when you hear the word “Nanny,” Australian Nanny of the Year, Clare Carlisle Stranger can assure you the job is nothing like the Disney fantasy it's made out to be.

Listen in as Claire shares with Clayton what the job entails, and why parents opt to use a nanny. She also shares some insightful tips to help you out if you're thinking of hiring a nanny or becoming one yourself.

Joyce Odame - International Needs

Joyce Odame, Childs' Rights Manager of The Commercial, Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) project at International Needs Australia, joined in Conversation with Clayton this week.

Joyce shares her own journey growing up in Ghana and how her experiences led her down this career path. She also explains in depth how the CSEC project makes a difference in the lives of children suffering from commercial and sexual exploitation