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Picture credit: @SamBramham on Twitter

Paralympian Sam Bramham

Paralympian Sam Bramham, at the age of five, had his right leg amputated but he's never let that get in his way. With the use of a prosthetic leg, he played a number of sports growing up such as AFL football, rugby, and water polo.

Sam is now heavily involved in charity work, and acts as an ambassador for Disability Sport and Recreation (DSR), a charity that exists to ensure Victorians with disabilities are given equal opportunity to participate in sport and recreation activities of their choice.

Listen in to hear more about what Sam has achieved so far, and what Paralympic goals he has for the future.

Photo credit: google.com

Author of 'The Easy Way to Hear God’s Voice', Tania Harris

Tania Harris is the founder of godconversations.com and author of new book, The Easy Way to Hear God’s Voice.

The book explains how hearing God’s voice may not be as difficult as you think... Tania describes how God used dreams/visions in the Bible as one of his most common forms of communication. 

Tune in to hear more about having an open heart and why some people may have difficulty deciphering dreams. 

Picture credit: www.youtube.com/watch?v=GiOJuIPl8vE

'The Best First Date' by Aaron Dickson

Aaron Dickson, a worship Pastor from Grace Chruch Bellingham in Seattle, USA, became a YouTube sensation after posting the video ‘The Best First Date’.

‘The Best First Date’ shows Aaron taking his three-year old daughter on a date, and teaching her about love and how she should be treated, after he and his friends wanted to promote the special bond between father and daughter.

Tune in to hear Aaron’s advice about valuing your children, and about the Dads4Kids Fatherhood Foundation.

Picture credit: www.catholiccare.org.au

CatholicCare's Denise Lacey

Today in Conversation, Clayton spoke to Denise Lacey, Manager of the Marriage and Relationship and Education Unit at CatholicCare

The Marriage and Relationship and Eduction Unit is based upon a range of programs to help teach people how to have healthy relationships through all stages of life.

Tune in to hear more about the ‘Bringing Baby Home’, an upcoming program for new parents or parents with young children.

Pictured: Vaishali (left) and Rutika

Mukti visitors Vaishali and Rutika

The Mukti ministry in India is a community where destitute women and children irrespective of their background are accepted, cared for, and empowered to bring light to their societies.

Tune in as Clayton speaks with Vaishali Bhaskar, a staff member from Mukti, and Rutika Nishad, a woman empowered by the ministry in India. 

They share their incredible story about how the Mukti ministry helped change desperate circumstances, and it all started when the now 25-year-old Rutika was 12 years old.

Cinematographer Dean Cundey

Dean Cundey is one of the most talented cinematographers in Hollywood.

He has received many accolades for his films, and says that he finds a special satisfaction in a profession that has lasting value.

Tune in to hear all about what kind of work Dean Cundey does on the set of a movie, and to find out some of his personal favourites.

Clayton in studio with Peter Cousens

Peter Cousens

Peter Cousens has successfully navigated an acting and singing career spanning almost four decades.

His roles include working opposite Russell Crowe, the late Richard Harris and being the only Australian to play the Phantom on London’s West End.

Tune in as he explains how he got Russell Crowe fired from a project, and his latest venture in directing, producing and releasing his first feature length film, FREEDOM.

Picture credit: thegospelcoalition.org

Pastor and President of Acts 29 Matt Chandler

Matt Chandler is not only the pastor of The Village Church in Dallas, Texas but also president of the Acts 29 Network, a worldwide church planting organisation focused solely on planting new churches and building strong church communities.

On Thanksgiving 2009, Matt suffered a seizure in his living room. After being rushed to the hospital, he soon discovered a brain tumour, and after undergoing 18 months of radiation and chemo he was given a clean bill of health.

Matt's story and health updates have impacted churches around the world, and continues to encourage those seeking God for their miracle. 

Picture credit: opendoors.org.au

Norman from Open Doors Australia

Clayton recently spoke to the Regional Manager of Open Doors Australia about the persecution and killing of Christians in Iraq.

Open Doors is a ministry that supplies Bibles, food packages, medical aid and other necessities to Christians in need, and they are currently working in over 60 countries.

They have declared Saturday 23rd August a nation wide day of prayer. For more information, see the Open Doors Facebook page or the Open Doors website.

Picture credit: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sarah-Wilson/109005959162818

Author of 'I Quit Sugar', Sarah Wilson

This week in Conversation, Clayton spoke to author of I Quit Sugar, Sarah Wilson.

Sarah experienced a health scare in 2011, which is what prompted her to lead and empower others about their health.

Tune in to hear more about how Sarah went from selling library bags as a teenager to being a successful author and media personality today.