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The Green Room

Cam chats with Vita Adam

On the latest episode of the Green Room, Cam chats to Vita Adam

The LightFM Musical Challenge winner can't believe it's been three years since her hit single "Street Lights". Vita returns to talk about her new album, "White Horses" and its debut single, "Rumour". Despite living in Melbourne for so long, the singer/songwriter reveals to Cam that she will be moving to the Gold Coast to embark on a new journey. 

"When God calls, you go. And I don't dare argue with the big boy upstairs!" she says. Vita feels her new album has allowed her to unleash different parts of her personality, and is equivalent to putting her "heart on a platter". 

Cam chats with Bec Laughton

On The Green Room, Cam chats with singer-songwriter Bec Laughton, and she plays an acoustic set live in studio!

She chats about where her passion for music began, and studying music at university. She says: "If you sing from the heart, you'll speak from the heart".

She talks about her excitement at seeing snow for the first time in New York, and how lucky she felt to travel there. Discussing her plans for the future, Bec talks about the importance of using music to send positive messages.


Cam chats to Jake Nauta!

Cam chats to Jake Nauta on the Green Room!

He talks about the fires in Sydney, and the tense atmosphere in the city, and discusses his fundraising efforts for friends affected by the bushfires, and the importance of helping people in need. 

Jake chats about his upcoming Reserved tour, and how thrilled he is to come down to Melbourne! He talks about online gigs and the excitement of playing in front of a crowd (hecklers included!) 

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Brittany Cairns chats to Cam Want

Cam Want caught up with the former talent show constestant, singer Brittany Cairns, about her new musical adventures and her journey to becoming the singer and person she is today. 

New Empire's Jeremy Fowler

Cam Want chats to New Empire's lead singer Jeremy Fowler on The Green Room about their upcoming album In A Breath and latest single release 'Say It Like You Mean It'.

This Sanctuary's Renee Sieff

Cam Want caught up with Sydney pop/punk outfit This Sanctuary's frontwoman Renee Sieff for a chat about their new, upcoming album and latest other endeavours.

Having formed during their high school days, This Sanctuary draws influence from the musical genious of such acclaimed bands as Paramore, 30 Seconds To Mars, Panic At The Disco and Fall Out Boy; all the while initiating their own innovative, unique take on the pop punk genre.

Selaphonic on Facebook

Selaphonic on The Green Room

Selaphonic are well on their way, with a new album titled We Were The Kids due for release this Friday.

Frontman Jamie Coyle joins Cam Want to discuss lessons learned from being a support act for Evermore, their motivations and what drives them as a band. He says that the band uses music and film to communicate a message of hope, and that their ultimate goal is to use something that is current in order to communicate a message that is timeless. Jamie also explains Selaphonic's journey and how they have evolved over the years.  

Tune in to hear the full interview with Jamie Coyle and be sure to tune in to The Green Room for the rest of the week as Cam plays one song off their new album each night.

SteepleJack on The Green Room

Young Melbourne band SteepleJack are starting to make a name for themselves in the local music scene.

Matt, Matthew and James join Cam Want live in the studio to discuss how they each discovered music during high school, and how they're constantly working to develop their styles as musicians.

They also talk about learning how each band member writes and performs, and coming together as a group whilst working on their latest EP Welcome To Ourselves.

Portraits of August

After growing up together through high school and church, Portraits of August are about to release their first self titled EP. To tell us more about it, band members, Ash, Curtis, Sam and Alex, joined Cam Want on The Green Room for the first time.

Influenced majorly by Reliant K and Antiskeptic, Portraits of August's shared what it was like to have Antiskeptic band member, Andrew Kitchen working with them to release this EP.

Compliments of Gus

The new album The Black and the White of it from well-known Christian band Compliments of Gus is set to be released this Friday, and Cam catches up with band member Jared Haschek to discuss music, life, gigs, songwriting, and everything in between!

As a regular interviewee, Jared chats to Cam on the evolution of the band through the years, as well as how innovations such as social media have affected their success and increased the fan base.