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The Grandstanders

The Grandstanders Podcast - 15th October 2011

'Melissa GormanLike it or not, we are here.  Like it or not here we are.....to share, enlighten, edify and educate!'   That's how Craig introduces the show at least...and it's true!  The Grandstanders are back again this week - rain, hail or shine (or in the case of our office in Mitcham, internet or no internet!)   


Kicking us off, Jane's over-whelming experience of junior sports coaching.  Are the pressures of competition too much for our youngsters?  Jane explores (experientially) the best way for coaches and parents to deal with trying games......


The Grandstanders Podcast - 8th October 2011

banner2.jpgIt's that time of the week when you are treated to two hours of sports and health and well-being.


That's right folks, the Grandstanders are back again this week to keep you glued to your radios! They kick off the show with a secret that might put the security on guard. Join Craig Harper and Jane O'Brien for this week's edition of the Grandstanders.


The Grandstanders Podcast - 1st October 2011

It's Grandstanders installment number 14 million and 62 (if you believe Craig), on the biggest weekend in the sporting calendar. So of course, we talk the grand final (although this show went to air before Geelong's spectacular win!). Not only is it big here in Melbourne, but also around the country and even other parts of the world.


Gary AyresThere was also another grand final last week - and Gary Ayres, coach of 2011 VFL premiers Port Melbourne, is our special guest this week. He's a former player too - with 5 premiership games and 2 Norm Smith medals under his belt - and joins us to share his thoughts and philosophies on coaching, learning, development and life in general. Plus whether he'd consider an AFL coaching role if a club came knocking...


The Grandstanders Podcast - 24th September 2011

Mick HallThe Grandstanders - your weekly dose of footy, sports and health and well-being.  This week we welcome back our energetic co-host Jane O'Brien (no longer feeling crook!) together with the brilliant Craig Harper.  


Sports tops the list as usual.  Footy fever continues as the Grandstanders review the highlights of the Collingwood vs Hawthorn game.  Join our special guest as he gives us his footy tips.  Also in the studio, discussions surrounding NRL, basketball and our home-grown soccer champ Harry Kewell.


The Grandstanders Podcast - 17th September 2011

sarahwall.jpgThe Grandstanders is back again this week. But this time we are one grandstander short! Our energetic co-host, Jane O'Brien seems to be a bit "crook". So Craig Harper goes out to get Sarah Wall (pictured) as a replacement?


Is she going to be as energetic and power packed as Jane? Listen on to find out as Craig and Sarah kick off this week's edition of the Grandstanders!


The Grandstanders Podcast - 10th September 2011

Loretta WatsonThe Grandstanders is the name of the show.  LightFM is the name of the station.  89.9 is the number on the dial.  And Jane O'Brien is the lifeforce, the blood that flows through the veins of this show.  With such a grand introduction from Craig Harper, this week's show has a lot to live up to!


The Grandstanders Podcast - 3rd September 2011

lauren_mark.jpgWelcome back to the Grandstanders.


Craig Harper and Jane O'Brien take you on a whirlwind journey filled with love, fun and a few educational health tips now and then!


Join the Grandstanders as they entertain the masses again...


The Grandstanders Podcast - 27th August 2011

deblovely.jpg (34315 bytes)Lots of sport. Lots of health. Lots of motivational stuff. That's how Craig introduces the show at least!


But it turns out he was right. Not just AFL but NRL this weekend - because the Storm's winning streak has been broken! Also post workout soreness: how do you relieve those screaming muscles?


And today's guest: Olympic weightlifter Deborah Acason.


Is Jane's top pink or purple?


It's driven a wedge in between the Grandstanders this morning. Jane says it's pink, Craig says it's purple. From the LightFM office, Stacey (pictured on the right) says it's purple, Tim says it's pink.


So the Grandstanders need your help! Text 0428 899 899 or call 1300 777 899 before the show ends at 10am this morning! Pink or purple??

The Grandstanders Podcast - 20th August 2011

jaqui_louder.jpgWelcome back to the Grandstanders! This is the show where Craig Harper and Jane O'Brien unravel the secrets of the health and fitness world. Spring is in the air and the Grandstanders are on a roll!


Special guest Jacqui Louder - Australia's premier sports psychologist, talks to Craig and Jane about some of Craig's so-called issues! Footy as usual to top the list of topics.