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The Grandstanders

The Grandstanders Podcast - 23rd July 2011

rsz_lisaweightman_2_1.jpgWelcome back to The Grandstanders! Join Craig Harper and Jane O'Brien as they take you on a fun filled journey to find solutions for all the health issues of the world - or at least some of it!


This week, to help them on their quest is Australia's top women's marathon runner - Lisa Weightman (pictured). Also we have some uninvited six legged visitors!


The Grandstanders Podcast - 16th July 2011

cheerleading.jpgIn the studio this week - we talk cheerleading! There's a lot more to the sport than you might think. Emma Podbury from Prestige Cheer and one of her students, cheerleading captain Meghan Smythe, join us to explain... and to teach Craig a few moves. Emma is already semi-retired... at the ripe old age of 22!


Listener question of the week - Mary asks if we should we exercise when we have a cold? Craig tells about his horror massage experience. Jane has an an unusual hydration tip for winter. And is it possible just to train your lower abs?


The Grandstanders Podcast - 9th July 2011



jessica_gallagher.jpegThe Grandstanders are back again this week with Craig Harper and Jane O'Brien! The first thing they discovered was that 'I.T.' just isn't Jane's area of expertise. As usual footy was on top of the list. Craig tries his skill at 'Biomechanics' according to Jane - as you can imagine, she loves to use big words! 


The highlight of this week's show was Jessica Gallagher (pictured). Jessica created history at the 2010 Paralympics in Vancouver, becoming the first Australian woman to win a Winter Paralympic Games medal.


Dave's healthy smoothies recipe




Healthy Smoothies Recipe:


  • 1/4 cup Natural Almonds (not roasted), soaked for 2 - 48 hours (will swell to 1/3 cup approx) discard the soaking water.
  • 1 glass (200ml) of water
  • 6 ice cubes

Super smoothies

Last week, listener Dave texted us to tell us he knew how to make a pretty super smoothie.


So we put him to the test. Check out the video below to see how Dave went and get some super-smoothie (that's, very healthy smoothies!) making tips. Recipes are on the way!


The Grandstanders Podcast - 2nd July 2011

Dave with Craig & JaneIf you wake up later than The Grandstanders (we don’t blame you – they’re early risers) or if you want to listen again, you can download the podcast here. We wouldn’t want you to miss the context of Craig’s simile of the week: apparently walking on Craig is like walking on a yak!


The discussion is varied this week and ranges from health to sport to relationships to a man who discovered he had a worm in his eye and had to have it shot with lasers to kill it – we kid you not*.


The Grandstanders Podcast - 25th June 2011




jane_260311.jpgWelcome back to The Grandstanders! Join Craig Harper and Jane O'Brian (pictured) as they take you on an educational journey where you get health tips, hear stories and have fun at the same time! ="left">


First of all, let's congratulate Kirsten, Jane's 5 year old daughter, on graduating from the Periwinkle swim class. She is now officially a "Seahorse". AFL was soon to pop up in the discussion too. Craig feels sorry for the Bombers' fifth loss in a row. They talk about the pressure that might be on James Hird, the current coach of the Essendon Football Club. 



The Grandstanders Podcast - 11th June 2011

Cheerleading Championships - Bitburg

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Jane O'Brien and Craig Harper are back this week with more eye opening topics to talk about. Journey with them as they take you through two hours of fun filled, information packed session of The Grandstanders.


Craig reckons that Jane has softened a little bit. Jane explains the reason why Craig would feel that way about her. But that doesn't stop Jane from going around and digging up information about different kinds of sports... if they can be classified under 'sports', that is! This time it was the cheerleading team at the Catholic Ladies College in Eltham. It seems that cheerleading has its own attributes that many poeple don't know about. This is where The Grandstanders come in... Listen to them as they discover the art (or sport, depending on your views) of cheerleading! 

The Grandstanders Podcast - 4th June 2011

It’s that time of the week again; The Grandstanders are here to grace your ears with their presence and sporting and nutritional knowledge!


mitch-baird.jpgThis week Craig and Jane are joined by none other than Mitch Baird of the Australian Men’s Water Polo team. They talk about differing heights and weights amongst the players - Craig reckons he could give it a go – and about the difficulties of playing a sport that is not high-profile, as it is in European countries. Mostly though, it all comes down to leg muscles!


The Grandstanders Podcast - 28th May 2011

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craig-harper.jpgCraig Harper (pictured) and Jane O'Brien are back and they have a lot to talk about this week on The Grandstanders. Hold on to your hats as they take you through a journey that you will remember for the rest of  your week.


Top of the list for this week's The Grandstanders is round 10 of AFL. They talk about the highlight of last nights game - halftime entertainment. They also think that Jim Stynes, the President of the Melbourne Football Club, who is battling against cancer is considered a motivational person. Craig gives away this week's footy tips too.