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The Grandstanders

The Grandstanders Podcast - 28 January 2012

Welcome to the second instalment of the Grandstanders for 2012!  A jam-packed Aussie flavoured edition this week as we talk the Aussie Open and our Prime Minister. 

The Grandstanders Podcast - 17th December 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to the Grandstanders! Join Craig Harper and Jane O'Brien as they take you on a whirlwind journey through the world of health and sport. Craig and Jane is back to do what they do best - entertain and delight!

The Grandstanders Podcast - 10th December 2011

Today on the Grandstanders it's all about survival - survival to stay healthy amongst food a-plenty at Christmas parties and survival stories from the news. 

The Grandstanders Podcast - 3rd December 2011

The Grandstanders are back to share in your Saturday mornings.  Extra special this week as Criag is determined to host the show with Jane, man-flu and all!  (Tune in for an animated recount of how Craig dragged himself out of bed and into the studios of Mitcham)

First off the bat, switching-off strategies.  In our fast paced, microwave society, do you make timeout a non-negotiable part of your schedule?  What strategies do you use to switch off?

The Grandstanders Podcast - 26th November 2011

On The Grandstanders this week, Craig tells us about Jane’s trip to hospital. Jane currently has pneumonia and was bedridden and in hospital for four days. Jane said due to her current health, she might even fall asleep on air!

The Grandstanders Podcast - 12th November 2011

Bianca ChatfieldThe Grandstanders in 'freestyle' form this week as Craig and Jane involve us in the planning of their show - on air!


Kicking us off, real-life snapshots that we can all relate to.  Craig confesses that he regretfully told a fib this week.  The conversation which started off innocently, slowly grew out of hand -  do you sometimes get caught up in the moment and wish you can take your words back?  Jane shares annecdotally on the positive power of friendship and the negative impact of destructive words..... 


Vitamin supplements - are they for everyone?

Vitamin PackagingUntil a few years ago I was convinced vitamin supplements had their place for some people - including pregnant women and people with health conditions, but not for all of us!


Now I have changed my mind. I think they have their place for almost all of us… I know…. a big call! Unfortunately we’re just not getting what we need from the food that is being produced these days...


The Grandstanders Podcast - 5th November 2011

Scott WintleThis weekend on the Grandstanders - a special treat as top athlete Scott Wintle (pictured) joins us... he was a top athelete before, and still is... after becoming a paraplegic! Into waterskiing and basketball, Scott has broken world records and taken world titles - all without the use of his legs.


We ask Scott about the accident one night on his backpacking trip to Europe, and we find out how as a paraplegic he is actually able to waterski: there's a special piece of equipment that makes it all possible. Hear the details in this weekend's podcast!


The Grandstanders Podcast - 29th October 2011

as.jpgEvery Saturday the Grandstanders are here sharing the love, doing their best to add a little something to your Saturday mornings! 


Things get a little personal for Jane today.....she shares with us the highlight of her week, and answers (slightly probing) questions from Craig regarding her romantic history.  Was marriage a goal?   Was it love at first sight?  Were there fireworks?        


Double is the key word today.  The Grandstanders not only interviews double guests, but also hosts a double segment.....  


The Grandstanders Podcast - 22nd October 2011

anna_segal.jpgWelcome back to the Grandstanders as they wake up Melbournians from their slumber with a "whopper" of a show - as Craig Harper puts it!


Join Craig and the lovely Jane O'Brien for a mind blowing adventure in the world of sports, health and well-being.


The Grandstanders talk about International rules football, a 100 year old marathon runner, horrible jobs and many more. They also have a chat with special guest Anna Segal (pictured).