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Cass and Kel

Sadly, Cass & Kel will not be broadcasting together in 2013, as Cass moves on to bigger and better things!

A new show will be announced soon but in the meantime, you can revisit all your favourite segments right here! You can also like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.

The Week That Was - Screaming Reactions

This week, on THE WEEK THAT WAS...

We not only revist Cass' epic Movie Marathon, but also discover what men can say to help the ladies in times of stress, the best hiding spots, Cass' huge Christmas shopping list and what kind of news elicits a screaming response!!

Mate, don't even say it

A Northern New South Wales health department has decided to ban the word ‘mate’ from being used in the workplace as it has been deemed unacceptable and unprofessional. Cass and Kel think that out of all the words that they are sick of hearing, ‘mate’ is not near the top of the list and run through some words that they would much rather see banned. Kel shares one in particular that as a father, he is SICK of hearing. See if you agree…

Ice cream scream off!

Once again Cass and Kel are breaking all the rules for the kiddies out there by giving them FREE tubs of delicious Trampoline Gelato on Ice Cream Day!

There were no indoor voices on the show last night, as our drive team asked kids to scream their lungs out for some free ice cream. And with Ken and Lucy's scream fest that morning, it's a wonder the police didn't come knocking on our door to see what was all the trouble was! 

Movie Marathon

Next Tuesday at 11 o'clock, Cass' Movie Marathon will take place as she peddles her way through August Rush. Listeners are welcome, but there is a catch: Cassie is inviting people based on what food they're going to bring her!

Out of all the listeners who called up, which plate has tantalised her tastebuds the most? Tune in to find out!

What Women Want...for Christmas!!!

Ok, ladies. It's that time of the week where you tell it like it is and the men sit down to listen and learn!

The newest one from Kel's all about the festive season so guys, it's time to tune in: do women want the guys to go out and choose a present for them, or do the girls prefer them to buy something they've already specifically asked for?

So are you a bit behind with your present buying? This segment might help you keep the peace this Christmas!!

12.12.12 Competition

Yesterday was the 12th day of the 12th month of the 12th year...and also the last time we'll see double digits in our lifetime!

To celebrate, Cass and Kel have decided to come up with a little challenge of their own...

Ruining Romantic Accents

Let's admit it. We all love accents and a list of the top ten most romantic accents have just been released! So Cass and Kel decide to test their listeners - can they guess the accent? There's only one catch... Cassie's the one who will be saying it. Ahhh that makes a BIG difference! Tune in to see how you go. Can anyone tell us which country Cass is impersonating?!

The Week That Was - Car Capers

This week, on THE WEEK THAT WAS...

Melbourne reveals the many and varied names they've given to their cars, we hear stories of cultural clumsiness, and Kel unveils what may be officially the worst way to eat corn.

You've Had a Bad Day!

Join Cass and Kel in their brand new segment: You've had a bad day! Ever had road rage? Grumbled during a traffic jam? Was annoyed by a driver who might be moving a little too slow for your liking? Check out what happened in Moscow - this will help put things in perspective.....

Selling Out

We often want to believe that we're not materialistic but when we think about the amount of unnecessary objects that surround us in our lives, it portrays us as self-centred and possessive. Even Cass and Kel admit that while we are familiar with the idea of putting others before ourselves, we struggle with the notion of putting thoughts into action.