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Picture credit: www.prospeakersbureau.com.au

TV and radio icon, Pete Smith

Gosia is about to take over Kel's job for one whole hour, which includes panelling, back announcing and doing the weather announcements.

To help her prepare, Kel invites TV and radio icon, Pete Smith to help, who has worked with Graham Kennedy, Bert Newton and Don Lane (just to name a few)!

Tune in as he delves into how he got his start as an announcer, how Sale of the Century came about and tips he'd give to Gosia.

Happy 100th Show!

Happy 100th Show!

Cam and Ruthie have just reached a magnificent milestone (which they're both quite proud to have reached)!

So to celebrate, we've put together a little montage to sum up their past 100 shows and it's spectacular.

Congratulations, guys - we love you both!!