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Picture credit: JF Sebastian on Flickr

Kel and Gosia rap!

Did you miss Kel's beatboxing and Gosia's rapping this morning?!

If you did, now is the time to hear it for yourself.

They. Were. Phenomenal!! (And we are not just saying that)

Picture credit: Jo Richardson on Facebook

The Kitchen Therapist Jo Richardson

The Kitchen Therapist Jo Richardson is a home economist, which she describes as being the backbone of cooking shows, as they're the ones that prepare all the food!

Jo cooked Kel and Gosia the perfect chicken, but they have to spin the wheel and add a special ingredient; which was Vegemite for Kel and Raspberry Jelly for Gosia!

Click here to watch Kel and Gosia trying their creations, and tune in below to hear more about Jo and her cooking tips.