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Afternoon shower or two.

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Afternoon shower or two. H:20°

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Carmel wins big in LightFM's Song That Sticks!

Carmel Jassal was one of the hundreds of listeners eligible to play LightFM's Song That Sticks.

After a few mischievous starts from Cam and Ruthie, Carmel learned at last that she had won the three-night stay at the White House in Sorrento valued at $1,600, thanks to station sponsor Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats!

Tune in to hear Carmel's shocked response and Cam's incredible excitement!

Cam and Ruthie with Silvie Paladino

Australian singer Silvie Paladino

Silvie Paladino is one of Australia's greatest songbirds.

Cam and Ruthie ask her about The Salvation Armys' upcoming concert Our Christmas Gifther favourite Christmas carol (which Cam tries to sing for her!) and her new album "When You Believe".

Tune in as she also openly discusses her faith and how without Christ, there is no hope in Christmas.