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Carmel wins big in LightFM's Song That Sticks!

Carmel Jassal was one of the hundreds of listeners eligible to play LightFM's Song That Sticks.

After a few mischievous starts from Cam and Ruthie, Carmel learned at last that she had won the three-night stay at the White House in Sorrento valued at $1,600, thanks to station sponsor Ocean Blue Coastal Retreats!

Tune in to hear Carmel's shocked response and Cam's incredible excitement!

Gosia, Lucy and Kel during the Better Families Appeal

Lucy talks motherhood

The one and only Lucy Holmes is back (well, every Friday at least)!

She delves into how she is going, what it's like to be a mother and how her previous expectations have been completely shattered.

It sounds like Shiloh has been keeping she and Derek very busy!